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Richard Kettlewell wrote:
The Natural Philosopher <tnp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Aragorn wrote:

On Thursday 16 December 2010 17:19 in comp.os.linux.setup, somebody
identifying as Richard Kettlewell wrote...

That means that you've killfiled good guys with bad guys. And that's
stupid, because one day you may have a question and one of the good
guys has the answer,
I beg to differ. Concerning Linux *technically*, Richard knows more
than anyone I have ever met. I am not sure he knows who I am, but we
used to work together.

Thanks for the vote of confidence l-) Yes, I know who you are (and
that's why I only killfiled "most" of the people posting to That

Well in that case, may I say what I could never say at the time, that
it was an astonishing pleasure to work with you and Daniel, and thank
David for the blue hair incident. If you are still in touch. At a time
of high stress it was a definite reminder that humour and a sense of
perspective will go a long way.

Thanks l-) I'll pass that on to David...