Linux on an (old) Lifebook?

Hi All,

I 've been given a little Fujitsu B110 (Pentium/233 MMX with (now) 64M
of RAM and a 4G hdd) to check out. Its currently running W98 and it
seems to be ok but I was wondering if it could run a more up_to_date

I'm currently getting used to Linux via Ubuntu / Mint but I'm not sure
it would run wither with a Gnome desktop but I'd like something that
installs / runs as automagically as possible.

The next problem is whilst it has a PCMCIA CD drive (and FDD) it
doesn't seem to be able to boot from the CD or USB, making trying
'LiveCDs' a bit more complicated (I was going to try Puppy or

I /could/ take the drive out and install something on another machine
but that's a bit more faff than this experiment is worth.

All ideas welcome. ;-)

Cheers, T i m