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David Brown wrote:

Personally, I'd say that Linux is a standard mainstream
choice for general purpose servers (unlike the desktop, where it is a
niche choice) - but I would not claim it leads the market share.

I can't imagine why it wouldn't. It comes with everything you need
for free, unlike piecing-together an (expensive) Windows server...

No it doesnt. There are oodles of proprietary windows only server
applictions developed over years for large companies. You do know what a
server is dont you? We realise you're a foul mouhted, MS hating
ignoramous but dont think your basement view covers that of the world's
businesses - It doesnt. Yes, for "general" tasks such as file serving,
rdbms, mta etc etc it can be and is fine. But server do a LOT more than
this in real industry.

Your lack of knowledge of the real world is telling.

Anyone who has the sense to hate MS cannot be an "ignoramous".
Anyone who doesn't hate MS needs enlightenment.