Re: GAG bootloader cannot boot from an ext4 partition

On Sunday 18 September 2011 19:20 in comp.os.linux.setup, somebody
identifying as Maurice Batey wrote...

Have just installed Centos-6 from a Linux Format DVD.
The install went smoothly, although the installer inisisted that
the root partition had to be formatted ext4.

When my GAG boot loader tried to boot from that root partition,
it was unable do so.

Elsewhere I read that GAG cannot boot from an ext4 parititon.

Anyone know a solution to this impasse?

Not a solution, but it is the fact that RedHat/CentOS insists on using
ext3/4 filesystems for anything that will hold the system file
hierarchy that makes me resent it so much.

The Linux kernel has had fully working support for xfs, jfs and reiserfs
for many years, but for some reason the RedHat/CentOS installer refuses
to let you use them as the filesystem of your choice.

Is there any reason as to why you really want to be using CentOS? If
not, I'd put another distro on that drive.

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