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countries. There are only a handful of old-fashioned countries that
still cling to the inconvenient and often ambiguous 12 hour system.

Actually, AM|PM time is not ambiguous. It is just that AM and PM are
Latin and mean before the meridian. It is dark when it is 12AM and 12PM
and it is light when it is 12M. But some people think 12AM is just
before lunch, and 12PM is in the middle of the night. This is not
ambiguous, just wrong. But it is so much of a problem that in the old
days, when railroad trains were dispatched by time, they solved it by
having no train leave a station at midnight. Thus, 12 O'Clock was
definitely lunch time, or thereabouts.

On the other hand, I think 12AM and 12 PM, which mark the very start of
a day and the very end of the same day, should be abolished and 24-hour
time should be universal, since English speaking people are too dumb to
learn the real meanings of AM and PM. Just the same as they do not know
what bimonthly means (every other month). Some people think it means
twice a month, but the name for that is semi-monthly. Since these also
have been abused so long, it will never be straightened out either.

How can a system which progresses through 11:30 PM, 12:30 AM, 1:30 AM
be anything but bonkers?

I so agree. Obviously the whole of trigonometry where angles go from say
350 degrees through 359 degrees and then back to +8 degress is
completely mad.

You really should think while you read. 12:30 is after noon (noon being
12:00) Post Meridian. But it is labeled as AM. because it is 30 minutes
after 12:00 noon which by convention is 12:00 AM.
THAT is what he is commenting on. Your sarcastic diatribe thus misses
the mark. (Note that the 24 hour clock is ALSO periodic, but starts at 0
and goes to 24. )

In fact the whole CONCEPT of periodicity is evil and should be banned.
Nothing should ever be allowed to come back to where its started or ever
be repeated.

.... <Rest of crude diatribe deleted>


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