Re: Text modes show military times. How do I change it to 12 hours

David Brown <david.brown@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The sets are half-open, and the noon and midnight points are at the
start of the sets. 12:00 AM is midnight, 12:00 PM is noon. This is
basic primary school stuff - I can't comprehend why it is causing people
so much trouble here.

Because it ain't so.

It's quite simple. When you write "12:01 AM" you are not talking about
a precise instant of time

Yes you are.

- there is no such thing, as nothing can
happen at an instant.

Something can change at an instant, in the same way that the curvature
of a line changes at a point. A train commences to move (relative to
the track) at an instant. The fact that you cannot measure either
space or time beyond some limit of accuracy does not confine the
mathematics. However small your units, at time x the train is
stationary and at time x+1 it is moving.