Re: Problems installing Linux distributions from Live CD's

By way of an update, I purchased a new DVD drive, but of an interesting type:
it's a SATA drive with an PATA interface, so it "looks" like a PATA drive to
the operating system. I've had NO problems reading LiveCD's with that, and the
drive is listed in the OS (Linux or Windows, the computer is dual-boot) as a
PATA drive. This makes me think that, contrary to David's comments, the
LiveCD's are pefectly capable of reading PATA drives. To "ice the cake," I'm
going to borrow or purchase an inexpensive true-PATA drive and see what
happens. I'll keep the thread posted on what happens, but right now, my sense
is that weird problem I've experienced of a DVD drive working fine with
installed OS' but not with LiveCD's or LiveDVD's seems at least partially like
a weird hardware feature, although I suppose it's possible that, some
PATA drives could work better with a LiveCD/DVD-resident SATA driver than
others, and the fact that I'm working with a SATA drive with a PATA adapter
could be a partial reason why that seems to be the case.



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