Re: PPP Failing to start on Boot up!

On May 16, 11:11 am, Crowbar <jakal81200...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All,

I am relatively new to Linux, but I have gradually been getting up to
speed. I have been fighting with trying to get the PPP link to start
up when linux boots.

I am using a Debian 2.6 build. I am connecting to another machine via
PPP over my serial link ttys0.

My current set up works when I am logged in. I have configured the
interfaces file (/etc/network) to have a ppp0 interface that points to
a peers file that scripts up the required settings for the serial
interface. That script file also points to the chat file, that allows
the ppp hand shaking take place (Who is the client and who is the

Using this current configuration I can simply run the command ifup
ppp0, which starts the ppp interface and starts talking no problem.
What I was hoping to do, is have the same config to start up
automatically, so even if I am not looged in, this process occurs.

I thought it would be a simple case of changing the ppp0 interface
specified in /etc/network/interfaces to say "auto". When I changed
this config and rebooted my machine, you can see in the boot screen it
says serial connection established and then the hand shaking starts
and then times out and goes to the login screen. Once you log in I can
do an ifup ppp0 and the connection is established as normal. I used
the dmesg command, and I could not see anything out of the ordinary to
say that the serial ports were not working or that ppp was not
running. :-(

After talking to one of my friends, he mentioned I should take a look
at the rc3.d directory, as this is where the programs are called in at
the start up process. I found that pppd was not in there, so I added
it and gave it priority of S03, same as my NTP server and I did
another reboot. I was faced with the same issue as before. I have
trawled the web and I cant seem to find an answer. Any advice guys?

Is anybody out there? :-)

Just confirmed on my debian buildt the serial interfaces are not
working, until after logging in. I have added the setserial to rc3.d
and created a symbolic link back to the original file in the init.d. I
have also changed the priority level to S01 to try and get the serial
to set early. After a reboot that still didnt work. Anyone out there
got an ideas?