Re: X arch

From: Wayne Throop (
Date: 07/21/03

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 19:19:56 GMT

: "Mithaz" <>
: I've looked at the documentation from
: and and many more. Either they are
: too general or too specific.

That's a good point. If you find an intermediate level document,
post the info here please.

: I am a comp sc. student and have an evil :-\ nvidia card. I have
: been (un)successful in using dual monitors the nvidia way i.e. to
: stretch one desktop to two monitors. This is very inconvenient as a
: maximized window spreads over two monitors. I wish to have one
: virtual desktop on each monitor. I want to understand --what will it
: take to achieve this.

Well... basically, you'll need to run two different X servers,
with different configs. If you already have a spanning config,
you should be able to tease it apart into two configuration files,
and use one for one X server, and the other for the other. The
icky issues will have to do with the input devices; I have seen
folks reporting being driven to hacking the X server code so that
a second server process can be made to use *only* (eg) a usb
keyboard and mouse, rather than assuming it should be using a
keyboard and mouse asociated with some VT.

So. Those are the obstacles: partitioning the config data into
two separate configuration files, and then how to deal with
keyboard and mouse input for the second X server.
You end up not being able to drag windows from one display
to the other, so be aware of that problem.

Note: once you are up and running, look into x2x. It's a slick
way to use only one keyboard/mouse to control two desktops (even
if the two desktops are served from completely different machines).
X2x doesn't allow movement of app windows between the screens, but
the mouse moves smoothly between the screens, and keyboard focus
follows naturally. And the primary selection is synchronized
between the two screens.

: LFS explains quiet a bit about X installation but not how things fit
: in together. I am interested in looking at the big picture and was
: hoping someone could show me if there is a X bible or something
: similar

Your summary of the problem above applies here: there are sweeping
generalizations, and there are detailed man and info pages and howtos,
but the middle level of detail isn't very available.

But query: do you know what each of these executable images or scripts
do wrt the big picture: (X, xdm (or kdm or gdm), startx, .xinitrc or
xsession, xauth, twm (or whatever window manager)), or would a brief
overview from memory at that level be of any use?

Wayne Throop