Re: Video RAM for a built in video card

From: Rob Thorpe (
Date: 01/20/04

Date: 19 Jan 2004 18:58:47 -0800

Tim Roberts <> wrote in message news:<>...
> (Rob Thorpe) wrote:
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> >I knew it could be set in BIOS. Why does XF86Config in 4.3 still ask?
> History, mostly. The dirty little secret is that most XFree86 driver
> developers almost never use the automatic configuration tools. Most of
> them concentrate on one driver at a time, and they adjust the configuration
> files by hand.

I see, that's a pity.

> When someone like you points out a problem, that's what spurs action in the
> tools.

The message xf86config gives is:

It is probably a good idea to use the same approximate amount as that
by the server you intend to use. If you encounter problems that are
due to the
used server not supporting the amount memory you have, specify the
amount supported by the server.
How much video memory do you have on your video card:
But I don't remember the "server I intend to use" having detected
anything at that point.  Is there some kind of hardware detection
program you're supposed to run before xf86config?