two mice with two cursors

From: OurGodlivz (
Date: 01/23/04

Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 08:41:21 -0500

Well I have been running dual displays for a long time now and want to
move on to new and exciting ideas. Like using two mice each controlling
an independent cursor! I figured out through a Mini-howto how to run
two mice, but they both use the same cursor at the same time! I want two
cursors. Now some of you may be thinking: what in the world is this guy
thinking? Well I have been thinking about efficiency in many programs
which make use only of the mouse barring hotkeys, and how great it would
be to run tow mice! I'm thinking mainly of CAD and Gimp and games. Anyways
any ideas/thoughts? Am I just plain crazy? William

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