My Opinion on GNOME

From: Google Mike (
Date: 02/01/04

Date: 1 Feb 2004 12:27:34 -0800

At first, I saw GNOME, saw the lack of tools in RH8 versus the ones in
KDE, so I switched to KDE as the default. Then, RH9 came out, and RH
just about put the same amount of tools in GNOME as they did KDE.
Plus, GNOME had a cleaner appearance for me. I also wanted to back the
GUI that RH, the leader in Linux sales, was backing as their default.
I figured that it was risky to go with KDE in the long run, and that
many of those apps would go GNOME or at least GTK+. (Perhaps we'll all
be lucky and GNOME will merge with KDE, ending the dispute.)

Okay, fast-forward to now, here in February 2004. Suse was a big KDE
advocate, but now that Novell has acquired Suse, and because they
already have considerable investment in Ximian's GNOME-based desktop,
it's an easy guess that Suse will switch their desktop default to
Ximian's GNOME-based desktop as the default. That's an incredible
boost for "GNOME-count".

I used to use several KDE apps until I became just as pleased with
either the GTK or GNOME equivalents. I was stuck on KMail for email
and Quanta+ for web development. But then Mozilla Thunderbird was far
superior than KMail on Linux, so I switched to that. Thunderbird is
X-based like Mozilla. That now just leaves Quanta+, which, even
through some of its quirks, still is my favorite web editor for PHP
code (although Bluefish is starting to ratchet up as a competitor).

Therefore, my opinion is that the years 2004 and 2005 will be
fantastic years for GNOME, and perhaps not so for KDE.