Re: devoloping programs under xfree86

From: Ben Measures (
Date: 02/05/04

Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 22:52:36 +0000

Steven Spencer wrote:
> Hi guys, noob looking for wisdom.
> I am devoloping, lets say a custom system which has a very specific purpose,
> (mp3 player), and load time must be kept to an absolute minimum. This
> system will basically boot the kernel, load the file system and run X. But
> I don't wish to wait for gnome/kde to load, because i have no reason
> whatsoever to use it, i simply wish to have a graphical environment which
> runs one program full screen. I wish to use X for the established library
> functions, video driver support and most importantly touch screen support.

Have a look at mini-distributions targetted at embedded systems. It
would fly on anything remotely PC-like.
This one has all the features you wanted, and it fits on 2 floppies!

> I would ask for opinions for the best way of doing this. Is it possible to
> run a program from the second the system boots into X? with no window
> manager whatsoever, just one program that runs when i start X? Remember
> that load time is an absolute neccessity!!!!

Have a look at 'man xinit':
> The xinit program is used to start the X Window System server and a
> first client program on systems that cannot start X directly from
> /etc/init or in environments that use multiple window systems. When
> this first client exits, xinit will kill the X server and then
> terminate.

Ben M.
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