Re: DualScreen, 2 cards, AGP and PCI, have to boot from PCI?

From: Dieter Soltau (
Date: 08/28/04

Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 21:55:14 +0200

Craig Bergren wrote:

> Damn babelfish, I was going to use falsch, but I wanted to sound more
> sophisticated.
yeah - i know exactly how it feels ;)

>> and PCI card at 0:11.0 !!! lspci shows it fine, but *I* see nothing on
>> the *monitor*. the PCI card is simply not initialized or whatever. pci
>> card monitorLED keeps flashing. there is no input from the card.
> This indicates to me that the BIOS isn't initializing the card
exactly, this is what i guess as well, thats why i asked in my 1st article
if it could be a bios problem. though, i doubt epox will fix it because it
is pretty outdated anyway.

>perhaps we can get X to do this for you.
hmm, lets see ;)

> You may still want to try changing slots, it couldn't hurt.
did it this afternoon but nothing changed, except the busid ofcourse.

>> if i connect my AGP only, EVERYTHING is working as expected. no problems
>> whatsoever.
>> if i add my PCI card, BOTH are seen. AGP 1:0:0, PCI 0:b:0. if i boot
>> from AGP, i see the bootprocedure on the AGP, nothing on PCI. then X
>> starts, i am still on AGP and see nothing on PCI. NOTHING, not in
>> normal, not in xinerama mode! now i press ALT-F1 to get a tty, and this
>> is NOWHERE. not on my AGP and neither on my PCI. i press ALT-F7 again,
>> and X is back on AGP.
> What happens when you boot ohne X? Run level 3, vielicht?
i have my ttys on the AGP - just as it should be, no problem. of course i
see nothing on PCI but this is normal, i havent started X. the ttys go away
as soon as i start X.

> Is there anything interesting the the /var/log/Xorg.* logs?
uhm, will have a look at those tomorrow. i just have a huge compile process
running. thanks for your help sofar!
i'll try booting from AGP again tomorrow, and post the results here.

have a nice weekend,