screen goes black

From: Charles Rogers (
Date: 12/20/04

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 11:46:51 -0600

While I am busy doing stuff on my computer, every now and then the screen
goes black and then my monitor displays its hardware "I'm going into suspend
mode" screen like it does when the DPMS suspend time is reached. I wiggle
the mouse and the screen returns to normal, but it's kind of annoying when
it blacks out like that.

I'm using X11R6 7.0 from My xset values are:


prefer blanking: yes allow exposures: yes

timeout: 480 cycle: 0

DPMS (Energy Star):

Standby: 0 Suspend: 1200 Off: 0

DPMS is Enabled

Monitor is On

So, it isn't supposed to go into suspend mode until the keyboard and mouse
have been inactive for 20 minutes. And in general, the screensaver and DPMS
options work like they're supposed to. But several times a day, it tries to
go into suspend mode while I'm busy at the keyboard.

Is this a known problem, perhaps with a way to fix it?



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