Trouble running remote Java apps with FC3

From: Bernie Lofaso (
Date: 02/16/05

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    Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 15:03:05 -0600

    For quite a while I have been running Java applications which provide a
    GUI remotely. Here's what has worked for me:

    1) I have been running a workstation with Red Had Linux 9 on my desk.
    2) I log into a remote machine (also running RH9) via 'ssh -X
    machine_name'. (Note the -X option redirects X-windows traffic through
    the ssh connection to my local machine.)
    3) Start up my java application and viola - the application's GUI
    appears and I interact with it as if it were a locally run app.

    Such is the magic of X-windows ....

    However ....

    Given that the RH9 distro is a bit old, I decided to upgrade my machine
    to Fedora Core 3. I performed an upgrade of the existing system rather
    than a complete wipe and re-install of the OS. Things seemed to go well
    until I attempted to get back to work. Now when I run my java app the
    window that opens on my machine is full-screen, only part of the GUI
    shows, and the part that shows looks like it thinks it's in a much
    smaller window (the size it would be if the window hadn't zoomed to
    full-screen). Given that I've done a complete OS upgrade (yes, I did the
    updates using RHN after the installation too) there are a few possible
    culprits, but I'm guessing that the fact that FC3 uses a different
    X-server than RH9 is a probable cause. Has anyone else noticed similar
    behavior and if so have you found any work-arounds?

    Additionally, I have tried to not use the X-protocol tunnelling through
    ssh option. I opened the firewall on my desktop unit and allowed access
    using xhost, then on the remote machine tried something simple like:

    xclock -display myMachine:0.0

    and even this doesn't work. I'm a bit baffled and nearly ready to nuke
    and re-install RH9 again. Any suggestions?

    Bernie Lofaso

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