X on Toshiba Satellite 210CT

From: Valentin Rottmann (ba_db2_at_gmx.net)
Date: 02/17/05

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    Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 23:56:02 +0100


    I have tried some time to get a reasonable X configuration on
    this old laptop. At the moment without success.

    I am using DeLi-Linux Distribution with XFree 3.3.
    (http://delilinux.berlios.de/index-de.html). It is a small slackware 7.1
    based distribution.

    I have managed it to get 800x600 to work, but unfortunately
    only with VGA16 driver. (SVGA doesnt work)
    Thus, Netscape 4.7 will not show images in a passable quality.

    The graphics chipset is CT65550.
    I have found some hints that a 'chips' driver would work, but
    this is not included in slackware 7.1 !?

    Hours of googling doesnt help neither.

    Any help is welcome !


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    dumb spam robots.

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