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From: jswalls110 (at) hotmail dot com (
Date: 07/22/05

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    Date: 22 Jul 2005 10:03:34 -0700

    I am running RH 9, and yesterday all of a sudden I could no longer get
    a login box. I think it had to do with the fonts getting messed up
    (guess). I reloaded X and kde to try to restore it. No luck.

    This is also running LTSP as a terminal server, and all systems are
    getting the same results, a spinning hourglass and nothing else.

    The main X console generates no error in /var/log/messages, but when I
    reboot an LTSP terminal, I get a kdm error - Fatal IO error 104
    (Connection reset by peer).

    Thats it for messages.

    Anybody give me an idea as to WTF is going on here? This is 2/3rds of
    my companies WS that are hosed right now, and the boss is not a happy

    XFS is up and so is X.

    Jeff Walls

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