Re: Xorg.conf not being read

On 23 Apr 2006 06:10:40 -0700, hopkins staggered into the Black Sun and said:

When you use that never-to-be-sufficiently-damned "G2" excuse for an
NNTP client, follow the directions at
so you include context and don't make it difficult for people to reply
to you.

hopkins's original question was:
[I'm] trying to get my Dell W2600 LCD TV to display at "1280x768" but
running xorgconfig or xorgcfg only allows me to select 1280x1024 or

Well, yeah. 1280x768 isn't a standard resolution.

[hopkins tries a few things, observes blurriness in the TV image]

Is this LCD's native resolution 1280x768? If the thing doesn't have
1280 columns of pixels, a 1280x768 modeline won't work very well. The
fact that it's a TV may also cause problems. TVs != CRTs, and TVs are
built to a lower standard in almost all cases. Even though this TV is
LCD, and should be able to address individual pixels, the control
electronics in the TV itself are probably designed for NTSC/PAL signals
instead of digital ones.

What's the connection between the x86 and the TV here, anyway? For
quality, DVI > S-video > composite. If you have a converter (S-video ->
composite, or something) attached, that introduces more noise and

Looked promising enough but wouldnt let me try anything just kept
getting "Not supported by hardware" errors.: Warning: XtRemoveGrab
asked to remove a widget not on the list Nevermind!

I can't tell what this is attached to. I think you're having trouble
with an app that's designed to calculate modelines, but ICBW. You may
have better luck with gtf, available at as a source file. "gtf -x 1280 768
60" may actually spit out a usable 1280x768 modeline for an LCD TV.
(LCDs generally behave as though they had a 60 Hz vertical refresh,

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