Re: I've broken it but don't know how i915 / 2.6.17 / xorg 7.0

On 9 Jun 2006 08:38:37 -0700, Will staggered into the Black Sun and
I [bought] myself a budget laptop, and my original plan was to stick
debian on it, but to support the hardware I needed a recent kernel so
it had to be "unstable"

Huh? You can pretty easily put a kernel > 2.6.8-debian-whatever on a
Debian stable install. Just don't involve the package manager; get the
vanilla tarball from and build it yourself. (Kernels are
IMHO too important to trust to the package manager, and not difficult to
build.) Longer-term, you really want to make sure your hardware is
supported by the software you want to use *before* you buy it. If you
go to and don't see a page or 2 for a FooLaptop 9000,
installing Linux on a FooLaptop 9000 may be more annoying than you

I was also having trouble getting the i915 working (kept returning me
to vesa) so I moved from 6.8.2 to 7.0 for the most up-to date drivers,
What I have now is god only knows, with a hand hacked xorg.conf

Huh? Running Debian unstable may or may not be a crapshoot. Things
break in unstable, more so than in testing or stable. When you say
"kept returning me to VESA", what exactly do you mean? If the i810 X
module is broken in whichever X you're using, it's time to use another
version. What's wrong with a hand-edited xorg.conf? If it hasn't been
hand-edited, X is probably not doing everything you want.

My problem is I would really like to run mplayer to view video, and my
options seem highly limited: x11 works but is out of shape

Meaning what? If you meant "video plays slowly, frames get dropped",
then this is semi-normal because X11 is slow. If you meant "the picture
is displayed in a distorted manner", that shouldn't be happening. If X
is working, -vo x11 should Just Work. Are you getting graphics
corruption outside of mplayer?

xv works great, but all the colors are screwed

This is weird.

gl is super jerky

I thought hardware-accelerated OpenGL on the i915 wasn't really there
yet, so this doesn't surprise me at all.

I would be happy if XV would just use the correct [palette] - where is
the compensation set up?

xvattr. Use xvattr to fiddle with XV_COLOR , XV_SATURATION , XV_HUE ,
XV_RED_INTENSITY , etcetera, and see if it helps. It may have a GUI
somewhere, or not.

Can you tell me what else you need to know that I have missed out?

Make and model of this laptop, so other people stay away from it until
the i810 guys figure out how to make its graphics chipset work properly?
Output of "uname -a" may be useful.

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