[HELP] VNC rfb playback

I have Tightvnc installed on a Windows XP machine connected to a cable
modem. At home I am able to monitor it via Tightvnc's Java web server,
and record sessions through the java interface. The saved files are of
the format vncsession.rbs.00x (where x increments per recorded session).

I have yet to find a way to successfully play such sessions back.

I have visited google endlessly, both www. and groups. and tried a variety
of utilities suggested everywhere. Nothing is working for me.

If anyone else has had success with playing back such files in any way,
please let me know the secret.

I have a Debian Linux machine, Win XP box, and a Mac G3 running Tiger, so
I campletely flexible as to how the saved files can be played back.

Thanks in advance.