Re: X graphics

Captain Dondo staggered into the Black Sun and said:
V Sat, 07 Jul 2007 03:07:55 +0000, Hactar napsal(a):
How can I make a very simple app (background a solid color, draw some
black text, that's it) in X? Heck, it can be in text mode as long as
it has a decent selection (2^6 or more) of colors. I know a bit of C
and C++, and a lot more bash.

Xlib and Athena are a pain to work with. You may want to look into
GTK+, as you can do almost anything in it, and it has bindings to Perl,
Python, and most other languages. It's fairly easy to do rapid
protyping with Gtk2::Perl if you're comfortable with Perl.

I see xterm has a 256-color mode, but Ubuntu's apparently wasn't
compiled with it. How much of a PITA is xterm to compile from

xterm shouldn't be difficult to compile from source. It's very strange
that Ubuntu didn't turn on 256-color support. Google for
and run that in your xterm, you should see a definite difference in the
6 color squares. (konsole now seems to support 256 colors, something
that wasn't true a few years ago....)

If all you want is text, google for ncurses, dialog, xdialog,
ansi/vt102/xterm codes...

It's the big selection of color codes that's the real problem. Some
terminal emulators may not support more than 16 colors.

If you're looking for trouble, I can offer you a wide selection.
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