Re: Intel 945GM in Toshiba Satellite P105-S6197

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007 07:21:30 -0400, Mark T.B. Carroll wrote:

This ICH7 laptop has a 1440x900 LCD screen built in. I am using Debian
etch. [...]

I now have 1440x900 actually working for xorg. The secret was to pull
the xserver-xorg-video-intel and the 915resolution packages in from
unstable. No unobvious magic, beyond that combination, was required.
(I'd started off fiddling with the i810 driver.)

I'm using the same chip in Toshiba M105-S3074 with 1280x800 LCD, Debian
testing. Actually it worked well with i810/intel driver right away, first
run nearly a year ago.

I haven't tested this with dual-heading or software suspend or anything
yet but, given the time I've already spent on this, I wanted to at least
report that 1440x900 can be made to work without too much pain.

I have once plugged in an XGA video projector (1024x768) and it worked
almost out-of-the-box, just to set the proper resolution. It's handy to
enable the LCD+CRT display option in BIOS so that you see something on
the built-in LCD before X-server starts up. Bet you won't have much
trouble with it, either.

Suspend is a bit tricky - I managed to use it a few times at first, but
after setting newer kernels etc. had no time to read up and get it right.

Krzysztof Lubanski