Re: ATI/NVidia driver status?

Aragorn wrote:
Tom Forsmo wrote:

A last question and then some comments.
Is it still so that game producers prefer one card over another? At one
time I remember begin told that if I am planning on doing any gaming I
should buy an nVidia, because thats the cards the producers optimised
their games for. Any comments?

I wouldn't be able to comment on that as I'm not a gamer. ;-) Yet at this
very moment, I think nVidia and ATi are on par with eachother

Provided that you have a working ATI card (one that works with the
ATI driver), the difference isn't as large as it used to be but
still can be as much as 10-40 fps in Nvidia's favor. And at least
with Nvidia, there's a greater chance that whatever you own will
work with regards to their driver.


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