Re: If agpart says I have a 64M AGP apeture, how can I get xorg to recognise it?

Stefan Patric <not@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It looks like if you want to use it as a desktop or workstation with 24-
bit color at greater than 800x600, you're out of luck. The board is
really meant to be used in a server.

Try switching to 16 bit (65536 colours). (Your computer will probably run
faster when you do this), also you won't notice any problems with the colour,
unless you are looking at lots and lots of photographs causing a pallet
change, and maybe the pallet is dynamic, so only unused colours are
substituted, but I am guessing here. I don't know the internal mechanisms for
this at this time. Even on true colour display, there is usually less than
65536 colours on the screen at any one time, (except maybe when you display
one of those rainbow colour selection thingies). I have never noticed a pallet
change, even when viewing photos, (but my eyes do not see a normal spectrum).


Mark Hobley
Linux User: #370818