Re: XAWTV no sound

From: Cristian Gutierrez (
Date: 08/14/03

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 18:32:42 -0400

Anonymous coward <> writes:

>Some additional information. Ichecked the logs and the msp3400 driver
>seems to recognize the chip as MSP3435G-B6. I'm running RedHat 7.3
>with the 2.4.20 kernel, not from the RedHat update but from the kernel
>archive. bttv0 entry also shows tuner = 2.

I don't exactly know about your card, but mine (PlayTV Pro) was a real
pita trying to get any sound of it. Magic came from the bttv_gpio and
audiomux parameters of bttv module. For me it was:

bttv_gpio=1 audiomux=2,0,2,0

Actually I scripted around audiomux probing every combination of
n_1,n_2,n_3,n_4 with n_i in [0,1,2]. As soon as I got actual sound, I
wrote it down, and fall asleep :-P (there wasn't an 'unique'
combination, though).

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