Re: USB-UHCI problem

From: Jeroen Geilman (
Date: 08/28/03

Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 23:31:34 +0000

NahtMy ReelName wrote:

> I'm using RedHat distribution of Linux kernel 2.4.20-19.9.

So is that 9.0 ?

> On this and earlier versions of Linux,
> I'm having trouble with sporadic
> loss of my USB MS Intellimouse.

Sporadic loss of intellimouse..hmmm..Altzheimer, then, is it ?

> System burps, mouse is dead, no power to LED, etc. System is otherwise
> fine.

STEP ONE: Plug the mouse in another system/under another OS/same OS in
another USB slot/ whatever - TEST IT !

Items: one (1) misbehaving rodent, and several (1+) Linux "versions" you
claim are all at fault here ?

Apply Occcam's razor and reconsider, mate...

> However from the messages in the log in response to that action it looks
> like I'm using a howitzer to shoot a chipmonk.


> I just wanted to know:
> (a) is this a known problem?

It is now.

>From the little you tell us we don't even know *where* the problem lies... I
would start by jacking out all USB gear and ONLY trying the mouse, nothing

Compare error messages if any new ones appear...

Post the results of your efforts back.

> (b) where should I report it?

Here, probably ;-)

> (c) is there a definitive fix I can acquire?

Not before you know what the problem is - and you really don't.

Screaming "kernel bug!" as soon as your mouse stops working means you
haven't really understood Linux yet...

That's not to say that it *isn't* a real bug, of course - it's just very,
very, very (very) unlikely...

> I googled and such, and I see the kernel changelog full of usb patches
> and repatches,
> but I really can't tell if it's a known problem or not, and whether
> there's a patch for it or not.
> For reasons that aren't completely clear to me, the frequency of mouse
> drop has increased lately.
> Maybe it just doesn't like my sandisk USB CF reader.

You might have mentioned IN THE FIRST LINE that you have more USB devices...

> Maybe it doesn't like that I appear to have two usb hubs

*every* PC I have ever seen has 2 USB hubs - nothing special about that.

> (there are 4 plugs on the machine attached to two different controller
> chipsets I think,

No you don't - it is most definitely only ONE chipset.

> it's an ASUS motherboard for AMD chips if memory serves).

Memory might serve, but for ACCURACY you might want to...look it up ?

Test. Investigate. Post any more and new info.

We'll look at it.

Jeroen Geilman
On KNode, thankfully...