Re: Program is "stopped" when sent to background

From: David Chamberlain (
Date: 08/28/03

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 16:22:20 GMT

"Wiseguy" <noone@celeron.local> wrote in message
> read the docs. There should be either a command line option to put it in
> the background correctly, or more to the point, a startup script that you
> add to the system so it get's started when the machine boots.

I would love to read the docs, but I just can't seem to find any for Linux
Overnet. All the docs on apply to the Windows GUI version.
I can't find the source either, even though overnet is commonly refered to
as open-source. The binary I downloaded only had a small README with a few
installation tips. To make matters worse, the overnet forum at has crashed or something so I can't
look there for help until they get it back up.

If anybody knows where some docs are for Overnet, please reply!

> As a sideline, if you must access the machine from windoze then get
> an X server program for windoze so that you can run GUI apps remotely.
> Hummingbird Exceed is a fantastic product but will cost you a couple
> hundred buckazoids. I also recommed a serial console connection to any
> machine that is run headless. This will allow you to control bootup
> of linux from the windoze box.

How is Hummingbird Exceed different from vnc? I'm actually using TightVNC
wich is free. Also, could you elaborate on the benefits of the serial
connection? When I first set up the Linux box, I had to connect it to the
keyboard/monitor a couple times before I got all the kinks worked out, but I
haven't had to do that in a long time.

Thanks for reply, David