Re: Can winXP see files on linux box using Samba?

From: Jeroen Geilman (
Date: 11/01/03

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 22:44:52 +0000

David Johnson <> randomly warbled in

> Hello,
> I have just installed linux on one of my home PCs, and have been
> trying to
> set up Samba so I can see files on the linux PC from my windows PC.

How did you set it up ?
By hand ? With SWAT ? Via Webmin (which rocks BTW)?
> When sitting at the XP PC I get permission errors when trying to
> access the linux share.

What errors? Report the errors.

> I see the "group" name I have assigned though.

Do you mean workgroup ? Then say so please.

> Is Samba supposed to be able to allow me to see files on my linux PC
> from an XP machine?

Yes, that is the main functionality of Samba.
And the actual answer to your subject, by the way...

> I have added myself as a "user" in Samba, added a couple shares etc,

Again: HOW ?

> set it up with "user" authentication.

No you have not. It comes pre-configured with user authentication; if
you know enough about Samba to even consider choosing another access
mode, you do not need help. Seriously.

> Anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Any number of things, but since you give next to no information about
these systems, it's rather hard to help you out in any meaningful

HOW did you set this up ? Which version of Samba are you "using" (I use
the term loosely here...) ? Which Linux distro ? Which...ever?

3-Line guide to SMB for total dumbarses:

1. Install samba, define these parameters (do not touch the rest!):

workgroup = a nice and jolly name for your workgroup

browsable = yes
writable = yes
admin users = your_username NOTE THIS WILL GIVE YOU ROOT ACCESS

path = /mnt/share/whatever

2. Make a user on the Linux box, and add him to Samba

#useradd your_username
#smbpasswd -a your_username

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