SCO: how to profit from losing a lawsuit.

From: pragmatist (
Date: 12/04/03

Date: 4 Dec 2003 14:52:38 -0800

It's really quite tricky and you have to promise not to tell anyone,
but all you need to do is:

1- Pick an issue that some people understand and a lot of people
2- Make stuff up that is obviously bullshit and extremely damaging to
those that do have some knowledge of the issues...
3- ...But be economical with the truth so that it looks, to the
average stock-market-player, like it could make your company a lot of

The beauty of this approach is the people in (2) will be absolutley
livid and ensure your lawsuit gets a lot of publicity so that the
people in (3) will buy your shares.

Be sure to sue a large organisation and make the stakes really high
(say, a billion dollars); this will help ensure the claim is not
processed quickly, and will give you time to sell your (now valuable)
stock options before the company goes bankrupt or is bought out.
Clever, huh?

If you ever feel a sneaking guilty type feeling creeping over you due
to the damage you're doing to other people's businesses, and to
consumers in general, just remember the money and you'll feel better.
Also maybe take up smack.