Someone please recommend a distro?

From: Little Monster (root_at_localhost.localdomain)
Date: 12/09/03

Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 17:27:31 GMT

Hi all,

I'm wanting to turn one of these old 486's into a firewall/gateway,
providing a *fake* always on connection to the sinternet through my 2 hour
timeout dial-up connection. Have been trying to install Trustix but
anaconda just falls over on box 1, and can't load the modules for the scsi
card or ne2k ethernet on box 2, and box 3 is just too noisy :-)

So, seeing as Trustix isn't really an option at the moment, (and I don't
really like RH based or even other rpm based distro's anyway), I wonder if
someone can recommend a suitable lightweight, security oriented distro.

It needs to be basically a firewall with a few extras, viz: squid-proxy,
newsfeed, mta, and tuxcall, so it can drop the connection and answer the
phone for me when I've found out how to use vgetty :-) And of course diald
and some kind of auto-redial. So a pure firewall distro is out of the
question, and something as big as SME-Server is too bit and overspecced.
Trustix looks like it would be about right, once it's had some tweaking.

The alternative is to install a standard distro (that I actually have a
copy of!) and trim it right back, but I don't want to be faced with
security holes because of not knowing enough about how to stopper them.
Probably use Debian in this case, though would prefer one that compiles as
it installs, to optimise for old hardware, but again, security, and I
don't really have time.

All suggestions appreciated


Of course I can!  I'm British.