Re: Free linux?

From: Gordon Pettey (
Date: 01/19/04

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    Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 23:00:31 GMT

    No duh there's a fee. You're buying CDs full of software of which some (or a
    large amount) was written by their developer's. Just because it's
    open-source doesn't mean it doesn't take time and money to produce it, it
    didn't pop out of nowhere. Now, name a place that provides full-time support
    from people who know about their own software for free? They also have to
    print manuals for their boxed OSes. Paper is expensive. If you don't need a
    manual or customer support, and you want it free, then just download it.
    Pretty simple.

    "carbon3c" <> wrote in message
    > Now that Redhat Linux is no longer supported and there's an annual fee for
    > Redhat Enterprise Linux, a fee for SUSE Linux, and now a membership fee
    > Mandrake -- what do people recommend as a free (or low cost) solution for
    > web/mail/CVS server? I need something solid and stable, but I don't want
    > pay, unless it's worth the money. I have been using Linux for 6 years,
    > UNIX long before that, so I never need support, but I don't want to deal
    > with crappy software either. Suggestions?
    > Dan

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