Re: Is there anything like Dreamweaver under Linux?

From: Casey Tompkins (
Date: 01/26/04

Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 21:35:42 GMT

On 26 Jan 2004 01:25:03 GMT, Sybren Stüvel
<> wrote:

>GVim for code, Mozilla Firebird for previews, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+R for
>toggling between the two. WYSIWYG is for people that want to write HTML
>but can't.


>Urk indeed. If you just use modern Javascript that uses DOM, and build
>your website with XHTML and CSS, all your stuff will work on every
>modern browser. The Javascript used by Macromedia is awful. It does work
>on almost every browser, but it's ugly and it's slow. Using DOM you
>eliminate browsers like Netscape 4, but people using those kind of
>browsers are ancient anyway.

Sybren, thanks for the info!

Also, I know I've seen that term somewhere before, but I have to ask:
what is DOM?

After reading the answer I'll probably slap my head and exclaim
"Durrrh." :)