putting linux in another hard drive in PC with XP box

From: curious (heyimjustcurious_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 02/04/04

Date: 4 Feb 2004 11:09:02 -0800

I have Pnetium 4, Dell PC (came with windows 2000) with XP installed.
256 RAM; 1.3 GHZ. Hard drive (C) is 40GB. Currently I have SyGate
firewall installed for XP. I use Norton AV. Other tools used include
CWShreeder, AdAware, Spybot, SpywareBlaster, taken from a suggestion
given in comp.security.

I have an extra slot where I can put a DVD or another hard drive. I
am thinking to get another hard drive and put Linux. I would like to
use linux forInterent as well. I called and learned thet my ISP
(COMCAST) doesn't support Linux and so I have to do configuartion to
get interent connection to Linux. Would it be too complicated?

I know that some people have a Linux box with firewall installed which
is then networked to XP box. In that case, XP would not need firewall
to use Interent, right?

Since I will have Linux and XP in different hardrives of the same PC,
I believe that I would need firewall installed for both operating
systems, right?

I am not in urgent need to use Interent through Linux (especially
since I would have to learn to configure to get Interent connection
myself since my ISP doesn't support) but I heard that it would be
safer to do so. The main thing is that I need to be able to continue
to learn Linux once my current Linux account from school expires by
March 21. Also, I want to learn using Oracle with Linux aside from
learning with XP.
To download Oracle, I would need Internet connect in Linux too.

As the frist step, my plan is to have Linux operating system available
at home.

If I were to get another hard drive, what size should I buy (I knwo
the required size depend on the distros; I am asking what size SHOULD
i get so that it won't become small soon for me as I plan to use
Oracle with it and also more stuff later...

Would ideal situation be getting a used PC from Ebay and get Linux
installed. That way, later I can get Internet connected to it (put
firewall on Linux box) and then network to XP box.

At some point in the future, I plan to use a router before connect any
pc (XP or Linux) directly. to Interent.