Re: Problems with WinXP and Linux install.

From: Sean (
Date: 07/01/04

Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 00:07:21 GMT

Coby wrote:
> Raj. wrote:
>> I cannot install Windows after Linux, since I want a dual-boot with
>> Grub.
> There is a way. Once you have installed linux on the first half of the
> hard drive (make sure you create a boot disk on a floppy), then go ahead
> and install windows on the other half. Now, MS will overwrite he MBR so
> you need to use the boot floppy disk to get into linux, then use the
> boot manager configuration tool that your distro uses to reinstall the
> boot loader on the MBR with an option for both linux and dos. I know
> that in slackware, once you boot into it using the floppy, you can use
> the 'liloconfig' command to reinstall LILO onto the MBR. I dont know how
> exactly you go about doing this for GRUB, because i havent used it much
> - but the process should be reasonably similar.
> Coby

Yes but how do you prevent the recovery cd from overwriting the first
half of his disk? The IBM disk just reformats the whole drive. Pain
in the arse.

You probably will need to do the XP install (recovery I should say) first.

I like the idea you have of putting your bootable floppies on a CD. If
you have Nero I know you can do it with it. What you'll want to do is
use the Burn Wizard to select a bootable cd configuration. It will tell
you a little about "El Torito" and explain that you should put a
bootable floppie in your A: drive so it can use it to create a 1.44 meg
size "drive" at the beggining of the CD. At this point you can also put
other files on the CD as needed. You are sort of left with two drives in
one. A good modern BIOS (such as the IBM Thinkpad BIOS) will use
emulation to boot the first "drive" on the CD as a floppy and make the
rest of the disk available to whatever mount software might be on the OS
you load. So to summarize, use the wizard to select bootable CD, give it
the bootable floppy from your set to make the bootable section and then
copy all the rest of the floppies to the hard disk and burn them on the
bootable CD as well.

Now, question: Have you verified that the partition magic software will
load a CD ROM driver for you? What does it do, boot a proprietary OS or
does it just load DOS and then give you the partition tools as well?
Before you do anything that way, maybe you should verify that you can
"see" a CD when you boot to those floppies.

I guess one other option would be to take the HD out of the laptop, put
it in an another laptop (if one is available) and boot it with the
floppy. Will partition magic let you mess with a secondary drive? I'm
sure it will...

Or buy a cheap USB floppy that will boot the thing.