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Date: 07/21/04

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    Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 04:25:02 GMT

    Dean wrote:

    > can I use Linux and Windows XP on the same hard drive?

    ... yes: it's called duel-booting

    > What are the advantages of Linux?  

    there are many: google is your friend

    > Where would be a good place to start 
    > to try to figure out whether I want to use Linux?  

    ... the only way is to *USE* Linux. you could use
    a CD-runnable distro, such as Knoppix. you could
    also download a distro and install it.

    > Linux is also 
    > available for free - How or what version would be good for first time user?


    rememeber: "free" as we speak is more about "freedom", not
    necessarily "free" from purchase. you can download a number
    of Linux distros, burn them to CD, and install them.

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