Re: Thinking about Linux

From: Sean Sullivan (
Date: 07/21/04

Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 06:37:42 GMT

Dean wrote:

> I have a lot of questions about Linux. But the first I would like to
> have answered in can I use Linux and Windows XP on the same hard drive?
> What are the advantages of Linux? Where would be a good place to start
> to try to figure out whether I want to use Linux? Linux is also
> available for free~~How or what version would be good for first time user?
> Hope someone would be kind enough to answer some of these questions.
> Thanks!
> Dean

Check out the GNU Philosophy here:

There is an absolute ton of advantages to running Linux. Here's a good spot
to learn some specific advantages:
Here is an excellent full length book published online:

and last but not least: contains a wealth of
info on questions already asked (or questions waiting to be answered :)

Have fun!!

Sean Sullivan