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From: Andreas Janssen (
Date: 01/05/05

Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 00:07:02 +0100


Jon Martin Solaas (<>) wrote:
> Daeron wrote:
>> Q2: does this also mean that I will have to re-write the MBR every
>> time I want to update the Linux kernel?
> Not if the linux bootloader is not installed in MBR.

Even if the bootloader is in the MBR, it does not need to be reinstalled
after upgrading the kernel - if the bootloader is grub.

> [lilo needs to be updated]
> Same goes for grub, except I think it's smart enough to update
> whatever needs to be updated when grub.conf changes automatically.

No, grub can read some file systems and find the kernel itself. You do
not need to reinstall the MBR, you can even load kernels that arent in
your grub.conf or menu.lst at all.

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