Is there a Linux CLI jpg viewer?

I love the Linux shell and login to my FC3 machine in run level 3 all the
time. I can run gnome with startx but I really do like the CLI environment
better. I do need to look at jpg images and it is a pain in the ass to have
to fire up xwindows just to view a jpg image. Are there any command line
jpg viewers out there that will run on bash that do not require the
xwindows environment to run? I tried to google for it but came up empty

My friend had given my a damn good jpg viewer for DOS back in the old days,
I really cannot remember the name of it, but it really did kick ass and
worked better than Lview for Windows. I like the CLI and would stay there
if I could, Microsoft makes that pretty much impossible, but Linux welcomes
me with open arms to the CLI.

So what do you guys do when you want to view a jpg image or several of them
in a single directory if you are booted into run level 3?

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