NEWBIE with gotmail problem: Of course, its not a command, you idiot


I just downloaded and tried gotmail, but it keeps coming up with a weird
error message instead of doing its job:

[andy@localhost ~]$ gotmail -u (censored_user_name) -p red&Grape
[1] 28516
bash: Grape: command not found
[andy@localhost ~]$ Could not parse redirect location

Of course, its not a command, you idiotic program! It is the last part of
my password!

What is gotmail thinking of??? It wanted my &+*!@~\- password, and I gave
it my *%!`[;= password and it messed things up.

So what did I do wrong this time?????

[Don't worry I doctored the first quarter of my password and omitted my
username -- and I just changed it, anyway.]

Andy - The Cheerful Pickle