Re: mounting a w2k directory

On 3/11/2006 10:31 PM, NOBODY@xxxxxxxx wrote to ALL:

-> If the windows share is on an NTFS formatted partition, do you have an NTFS
-> r/w capability in your kernel or in a module? I saw nothing about NTFS in
-> your smb mount command. Also, you don't mention what brand of Linux your
-> using but RH versions DO NOT include NTFS support, you need to add it in
-> from a 3rd party module or source.

I doubt that this will really matter. I have NTFS formatted partitions all
the time and don't have any problems. The NTFS r/w capability, AFAIK, is
only needed when the NTFS partition is in the same box that the Linux
installation is in. IIRC, Samba uses its own filesystem called smbfs.

- Robert

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