Re: New to Fedora & Thunderbird

On Fri, 24 Mar 2006 17:43:27 -0600, Junkyard2 wrote:

I just downloaded RHEL4 from Redhat the other day using Internet
explorer on Windows XP PRO. Had the same problem. RedHat suggests that
you download with a browser other than Internet Explorer. I did this on
a linux box using Firefox and had no problems.

I used wget on Mandriva Linux to fetch/burn all the isos. :)

I went back, formated FC5 again, did not add any packages other than
the defaults, and was able to complete the install and get all updates.

One of the java add on packages I picked during install has the
problem. I have not gotten back to find exactly which one.

Slowly adding what I wanted in the first attempt.