Re: Copying files slows X GUI to molasses

Jan Wielemaker wrote:
On 2006-03-28, Segin <segin2005@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

AA wrote:

I'm running Ubuntu 5.10 (kde) on my Thinkpad T42. If I mount a cdrom
and copy the files to my internal HDD the GUI slows way down and is very
sluggish. I guess I must have something misconfigured. Any suggestions
on where to look? I am completely clueless when it comes to this type
of problem.


you're probably running out of RAM, get more RAM

I think it is much more fundamental. Copying large files (meaning
comparable to the size of physical memory) has very serious performance
implications for interactive applications because the file copy eats
cached pages. As, apart from the copying, there isn't going to be any
reuse, this is pretty bad for performance, especially for people like me
that assume that money spend on more memory is better spend than money
spend on faster discs. So, I've got 2GB memory, but while copying
multiple GB files, the system is barely useable.

Somehow the ssytem should recognise the pattern and stop eating general
file buffering if a big copy/write is in progress.

Cheers --- Jan

I've got 1GB of memory. I think it's a 5400 RPM HDD. I guess I can
understand the idea of file paging, but if all I am doing it moving the
cursor across the screen this should require no disk access, right?

Perhaps this is important: I was copying the files from a DVD+R in my
local DVD drive to my local HDD. I wonder if that is significant.
Although I haven't tested it recently, I don't recall this slow down
ever happening in Windows, that's why I believe it is a software not a
hardware config problem.