Re: Upgrade Fedora Core 3 to Fedora Core 5 Help please

On Tue, 06 Jun 2006 02:50:30 +0000, Ohmster wrote this: <snip>

Man I have always used nvidia cards and have never had a problem with
them. That is why I stick with nvidia, they perform like no other and
there is tons of support for them. It would be great if the database,
and my php photo gallery would work, but maybe those items will be
upgraded to some new format and won't work. I for sure do not want to
get locked into a legacy application and be stuck with it. Maybe export
the data if that is possible and import it back again, not sure if it
will work but it is an idea to try.


Yeah it is starting to look like no matter what I do, I really will need
a full backup of this system before doing anything. Hmmm, 250Gb WD IDE
drive at for $79.99, one day sale. Can't beat that with a
stick. Standard price WD 250Gb IDE OEM is $83.99. I did manage to
complete the download last night and have all 5 CDs and the rescue CD
iso images and this upgrade can wait until I can come up with the
hundred bucks to get a backup drive.

Yeah that is what I am going to do noi. This is too important to just
take a chance on waxing like this. I will clone the original disk with
Ghost and then mess with the new one. Try upgrade first to see if it
works. If it does not or if there are too many problems with it, then
install FC5 again, fresh, and mount the original disk in there too for
more storage and to just pull my stuff back off of again, little by
little, and when I get it all or at least enough to be done with it,
format the original disk and use that for storage or a backup. Makes
sense, you talked me into it and that is really what I came here for in
the first place. Thanks.

I have 2 machines, single user. Weekly, I run a find-tar script that
makes a tar.gz of all the .cnf, .conf, .rc, fstab, hosts, .old and other
files I can remember onto ~/archive/ . It also backs up .thunderbird

Pre-install I made a 1 or 2 huge tar.gz of /home and other special folders
including hidden files and save them to the other PC. I do a clean
install and work it until I like the install, clean install wipes out
multiple folders vs an upgrade. Then I open the archives and restore the

This causes a reinstall of a few packages, mplayer, xmms-mp3, dovecot,
lm-sensors and some additional YUM repositories but I think it's cleaner.
All my data is restored and I don't miss much. I diff the config files
and apply changes or overlay as necessary.

Some Nvidia work and my ATI x800 pro on FC5 works but I had to make manual
changes to xorg.conf and system-config-display freezes the pc, Kudzu and
Firstboot don't work on that system.

Consider upgrading to a DVD-RW for DVD burning and use in system backups
using DVDRWs,