Re: Which distro?

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SINNER wrote:

* Vernon Balbert wrote in comp.os.linux:

I'm sure you're tired of answering this question, but I've tried to
answer this on my own with no real success.

I've test-driven several distros and I haven't found any that works the
way I'd like. I'm no programmer and I'm new to Linux so I have a bit of
a learning curve ahead.
not only that, but its a religous argument as well. All the problems you
encountered are semi typical and part of the learning curve you mentioned.
Based on your issues I would reccomend Ubuntu, it is debian based and
newbie friendly. The forums are a great source of distro specific
information and the Ubuntu Community is very helpful.

Good Luck and Welcome to Linux.

I would also recommend Ubuntu, but when it's installed (which is easy), you
should run Automatix. This is a script that adds all the "missing" codecs
and adds a few useful tools.

A link to it would have been helpful, but I found it. It's installing as I type. Thanks!

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