problem building Linux software


root@aku-ankka:/usr/lib# nm crt1.o
I have

00000004 R _IO_stdin_used
00000000 D __data_start
U __libc_csu_fini
U __libc_csu_init
U __libc_start_main
00000000 R _fp_hw
00000000 T _start
00000000 W data_start
U main

so there are unresolved symbol in my /usr/lib/crt1.o
Since this affects configuring for Makefile in compiling
software from sources, I got the problem to find the reason of such issue.

Indeed that's the config.log file:

This file contains any messages produced by compilers while
running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.

configure:613: checking host system type
configure:634: checking target system type
configure:652: checking build system type
configure:712: checking for a BSD compatible install
configure:769: checking for -p flag to install
configure:792: checking whether build environment is sane
configure:830: checking whether make sets ${MAKE}
configure:876: checking for working aclocal-1.4
configure:889: checking for working autoconf
configure:902: checking for working automake-1.4
configure:915: checking for working autoheader
configure:928: checking for working makeinfo
configure:1060: checking for gcc
configure:1173: checking whether the C compiler (gcc ) works
configure:1189: gcc -o conftest conftest.c 1>&5
/usr/lib/gcc/i486-slackware-linux/3.4.6/../../../crt1.o(.text+0xc): In function `_start':
: undefined reference to `__libc_csu_fini'
/usr/lib/gcc/i486-slackware-linux/3.4.6/../../../crt1.o(.text+0x11): In function `_start':
: undefined reference to `__libc_csu_init'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Note that crt1.o comes from glibc-2.3.2-i486-6.tar.gz
in my Linux Slackware distribution,
but also from glibc-2.5.1-i486-6.tar.gz isn't different

Does anyone suggest me some way to understand that weird behaviour ?

Aku Ankka