Re: automatically limit pages on a print server

On April 24, 2009 14:26, in comp.os.linux, Lew Pitcher
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On April 24, 2009 14:07, in comp.os.linux, Carl Lafferty (carl@xxxxxxxxxx)

I have built a Debian 5 install on an old machine I have laying around
work, and I want a free/cheap solution to my print server problem.

I have a print manager for Windows that will limit the number of pages
a person prints to X and denies over X. I want to do the same thing in
linux so that my staff does not have to approve every print job that
goes through the server.

I have spent the last 2 weeks looking for a solution in linux with
little success.

man 1 lpadmin

man 8 lpadmin

look for the "-o job-page-limit=value" option


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