Lunix Modem
Date: 09/06/03

Date: 6 Sep 2003 09:01:14 -0700

 I'm a Windows & DOS expert user.. i am not into programming but i am
good in pritty much everything else when in comes to Windows.
but then i discoverd linux a year ago.. pritty fancy i like it.. i
learnt a few tricks and trades of linux.. so i am not a total
bigginer.. but the only thing that stops me from using it is that i
dont know how to use the modem..
i discoverd about WinModems because i have one i had to bring this
so i installed it.. didnt work tried kppp NOTHING it just said Modem
Tried setting the IRQ 11 (Modem's IRQ) to /dev/ttyss2 DID THAT..
but the modem still didnt dial.. in the redhat 8 internet wizard it
said modem not found after it tried probing for modems..
in kppp it said modem was busy when i tried to dial..
when i manuly enter /dev/ttyss2 to the network manager in redhat8 &
made it a generic modem.. when i try to activate it, it just froze
till i had to kill the process...
frankly i tried everything.. i had another modem which is an old
Motorolla analog HARDWARE modem (which i am not sure if it is in the
best state coz i didnt test it yet under windows) & i tried to work it
under Linux.. NO USE.. although it detects it as soon as i start linux
up.. and i tried setting it to ttyss2 & ttyss0 & everyhting i
i dont know what to do about this modem Business.
AM i dialing the wrong way.. is there somthing i missed..

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