Monitor loses signal during install (was Re: Burning ISOs with Roxio)

From: Aidan Whitehall (
Date: 09/21/03

Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 14:48:39 +0000 (UTC)

> Could be anything, I had a cd-rom drive that would read fine for about a
> hour then start having problems. If yon can stick a network card in this
> box, download the suse boot cd and do an install from ftp, it takes a
> but will eliminate any cd problems.

I swapped out the CD-ROM drive and managed to get RedHat 7.1 to install in
text mode, so guess it was the CD-ROM after all. BTW, there is a network
card in the machine -- do you know of a guide on how to install using the
method you suggest? (may be handy in the future to know how to do that).

Which leads to another question -- I initially tried installing RedHat 9.1
and Mandrake 9.1, but they both halted at the "Probing video card" stage.
The display said "Probing video card: S3 Trio64 (generic)", but after about
15 seconds, the monitor went black (Samsung 500s) and after another 15
seconds, made a clicking sound. Then, it slowly cycled, clicking, and the
monitor LED alternating from green to yellow, as though the video signal had
been cut and then restored, but with no image being displayed. I tried
everything I could think of, from moving the video card to other PCI slots
to messing around with BIOS settings but it does that at the same point in
the installation every time.

I also tried using "linux noprobe" and "linux text" in the RedHat 9.1
installation, but it still hung at the same point.

The RedHat 7.1 installation in text mode actually did the same thing as
well. However, I think it had almost completely finished, becuase the
monitor started clicking at what I assume was the end, becuase I manually
rebooted and fortunately RedHat fixed the unclean unmout and worked fine.

So, any ideas on how to get around the video card detection problem? Is a
new card the answer? I'd love to get a more recent version of Linux
installed. And thanks! (off do download SuSE...)

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