Re: RH on old compaq "can not open display" resolved

From: Michael (
Date: 11/01/03

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 14:56:40 -0600

Well more progress.... It was the old video on the motherboard (cirrus
logic - I think) it would not work with X. Got a newer PCI video card
from the scrap pile and RH 8.x loaded. yippee.....

Works on a Compaq 5000 quad 200 mhz processor 1.4GB ram.

Michael wrote:

> Well thanks to a post at
> I found a memory map command that gets around a compaq ram alignment issue.
> So I used:
> linux mem=exactmap mem=640k@0 mem=1440m@1m and I got much further into
> my install.
> Now I get a python2.2 error "not open display" still in the CD
> install mode..
> Any thoughts y'all?
> thanks
> Michael..
> Michael wrote:
>> Hello, can anyone help please? I have an old Compaq prolient 5000
>> (4pX200mhz, 1500m RAM)
>> Using RH 8.x
>> When I do the LILO without a mem= I get a screen telling me not enough
>> RAM. When I do LILO with mem=1440m then it failed on CRAM.
>> ALso after he shuts down from the exit on not enough RAM it trashes
>> some memory location that indicates my CPU condition and I end up with
>> one less CPU each time I run it. :( I can get the CPU back using
>> smartstart. SO please help.... thanks very much...